If you are interested in hosting the Defeat MSA Awareness Shoe, please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and complete our simple agreement. Although we have provided some suggestions on posing for photos with the Shoe, what specific steps you take to raise awareness in your community is completely up to you! Thank you for any and all efforts to Raise MSA Awareness!


Host Agreement and FAQ

(Email Form:


Tips on Photos with MSA Awareness Shoe


Image Release Form (Applicable for Celebs Who Pose with Shoe)





Frequently asked questions about hosting the MSA Shoe



How long can I host the Defeat MSA Awareness Shoe?

two – three months at a stretch…

Do I need to fill out any additional paperwork?

Yes, we will email you the MSA Awareness Shoe Hosting Agreement. After you complete it, you can send it back to us. We will be in touch!

What are my duties as a host?

Hosts are responsible to provide, at all times, reasonable safeguards against damage, loss or theft of the Defeat MSA Awareness Shoe. Please remember that many people look very fondly on our dear Shoe. For some, their time with it symbolizes their loved ones with MSA.

How should I care of the MSA Awareness Shoe?

Hosts are expected to protect the shoe (and associated items such as the sack or suitcase, momentos, etc.), use the MSA Awareness Shoe appropriately and to cover both the costs of hosting the Shoe and any costs associated with sending it on to the next Host, returning it to the coordinator or returning it to home base.

For help on hosting or posing with the shoe, we will send you a tips list 🙂

Am I responsible for sending the shoe to its next location?

Yes, hosts are expected to treat the Shoe respectfully and forward the MSA Show onto the next host or return it to the MSA Shoe’s coordinator.

Are there any additional policies on taking photos with the shoe?

For help on photo-op suggestions and locations, please contact the coordinator at: We will also send you a photo release form, if you find someone notable or famous who is interested in posing for a photo with the world famous shoe!

Can I post my pictures of the MSA Awareness Shoe to social media?

YES, we encourage you to do so. For help on posting your photos of the shoe to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and/or any of our Alliance associated websites, please email us.

I want to make a donation to the shoe administration. How can I keep the MSA Awareness Shoe running?

You can make a donation earmarked for MSA Awareness via our sister charity:

What if I can't host the shoe? What else can I do to support?

You can donate to keep the Shoe running or to honor a loved one by visiting here:

Where has the Defeat MSA Awareness Shoe visited?

Please view our Destinations page to see where the Defeat MSA Awareness Shoe has recently visited.




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