Recent Accomplishments

Since our founding we have made great strides to develop as a charity with the aim to become a viable organization that helps patients while moving the cause forward.

Below you’ll find some recent achievements and successes as a charity.

August 2010 Campaign To Keep Midodrine Available in US (Successful).
April 2011 Tim’s MSA Shoe Awareness Project, Detroit Monuments, Colleges, Businesses and Restaurants
April 2012 Volunteer and Fundraising Boards Development
May 2012 Initial Website Development:
June 2012 Brochure and Business Card Development Donation
July 2012 Facebook Page Development: JGF Foundation
August 4, 2012 Founding, The JGF Project for MSA (Joe’s Birthday)
October 2012 Joseph G. Fortier Foundation Incorporation: State of Michigan
October 2012 Represented MSA patients in Congress to approve Droxidopa/Northera
January 21, 2013 Joseph G. Fortier Passes Away
February, 2013 Initial Foundation Donations Totalling: $6,000
March 2013 Offices and PO Box Donation
May 2013 MSA Device Loaner Program Begins
August 2013 IRS Non-Profit 501c3 Approved for Joseph G. Fortier Foundation
December 2013 Medical Research Advisors Meeting
January 2014 Director P. Fortier offers testimony on efficacy of Droxidopa/Northera
February 2014 Director P. Fortier represented Defeat MSA at the Kerry Simon Fight MSA Fundraiser (Cleveland Clinic, Las Vegas)
February 2014 Director P. Fortier represented Defeat MSA at the MSA Charities and Stakeholders Meeting (Las Vegas, NV)
February 2014 Droxidopa/Northera Approved (Orthostatic Hypotension)
March 2014 Website Donation (6k),
March 2014 Foundation Logo and Letterhead Donation
March 2014 Tim’s MSA Shoe Returns to Detroit, State Judges Conference, City of Grand Rapids, Detroit Pistons, UDM, Detroit Area Businesses, Restaurants, Community Colleges
April 2014 Tim’s MSA Shoe Awareness Campaign in Philadelphia, American Academy of Neurology Conference, St. Joseph’s Univ.
July 2014 Tim’s MSA Shoe Awareness Campaign in Washington, DC, Dysautonomia International Conference, Hotel Management
July 2014 Defeat MSA Takes On Global Administrator & Official Sponsor of Tim’s MSA Shoe
August 2014 Tim’s MSA Shoe External Website Created (Outside of Facebook)
August 2014 Tim’s MSA Shoe Brochure, Business Card and Letterhead Donation
August 2014 Revised JGF Brochure and Business Card Development Donation
September 2014 Tim’s MSA Shoe External Website Professional Development Donation – Verde Media, Inc.
September 2014 Tim’s MSA Shoe Committee Development
October 2014 MSA Coalition Annual Conference (Washington, DC), Tim’s MSA Shoe Represented
October 2014 MSA Shoe Incorporated and 501c3 Filing with IRS
November 2014 First Global MSA Research Meeting (Las Vegas, NV), Tim’s MSA Shoe Awareness Campaign in Vegas
December 2014 Shoe Renamed, MSA Shoe!
January 2015 MSA Shoe, Inc Approved As Non-Profit (501c3)
February 2015 MSA Shoe Website Revision (Donation: Verde Media, Inc)
March 2015 Inaugural Art Social Benefit (Cass Cafe, Detroit)
March 2015 MSA Shoe, Inc.

Other Accomplishments:

Produced MSA Film: “It’s All in Your Head” Watch It Here

Participated in the First Global Research Roadmap Meeting (NV, 2014)

Added Toll-Free Patient and Caregiver Hotline: 1 855 542-5672

Sponsor of Two MSA Onsite Patient and Caregiver Support Groups

Opened Defeat MSA Ecommerce Store – Help Raise Research Funds By Buying A Defeat MSA Themed Product, Please Visit Our Store!

Sponsor of 20 Facebook MSA Patient and Caregiver Support Groups

Led Global Fundraiser for “A Day for Susana” – the 1st Full-Length Feature Documentary Film About World Champion Athlete and MSA Hero, Susana Schnarndorf. Visit Susana’s Wikipedia profile and Learn About Her Journey to the 2016 Paralympics in Rio, Brazil.

Represented Defeat MSA at several medical and patient conferences including the American Academy of Neurology, Dysautonomia International and International MSA Conferences.

We look forward to many more accomplishments moving forward in our efforts to Defeat MSA!